The Psychologist

Academic Degrees/Diplomas
Degree Clinical Psychology,  France
Degree Educational Science, France
Maitrise Clinical Psychology, France
Master in Clinical Psychology, France
PHD Clinical Psychology ( due Jan 2016)
Diploma in Research Methods, UK

Association Française de thérapie Comportementale et Cognitive
Journal of  Midwifery ( Peer review research articles)
Registered with the DDASS ( Direction Départmentale des affaires Sanitaires et Sociales)
Registered Psychologist

The Psychologist:
Paula Thomas, a clinical psychologist for more than 10 years. Her practice is right in the heart of one of a lively and bustling area where a large amount of expatriates, diplomats and French live.
She has a considerable amount of experience in treating complex and acute situations.  She believes that a clinician should not be only an expert in her field but should show human qualities, kindness and integrity with his/her patients.  She is passionate about delivering quality, safe and effective therapies.

Approach and obedience: eclectic and client-centered, solution- focused behavioural and cognitive approaches.  Play and art therapy for children.

eating disorders: anorexia et boulimia

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